Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amazon's Social Human Computation Framework

I read a very enjoyable and worthwhile article today on by
Katharine Mieszkowski called, "I make $1.45 a week and I love it". It's about the crowd sourcing human computation system called "Turk" which Amazon released back in November 2005.

Here's a summary:

"On Amazon Mechanical Turk, thousands of people are happily being paid pennies to do mind-numbing work. Is it a boon for the bored or a virtual sweatshop"

The article provides some really interesting case studies which speak volumes about trends and incentives in crowd sourcing. The most interesting involved "Aaron Koblin, a student in UCLA's Design/Media Arts program, who was writing his master's thesis about the site" [1]. He offered 2 cents per drawing and ended up collecting over 7,500 which he turned around and sold for 20 for 20$. Read the whole article who see how the crowd reacted! I think the publics' responses will surprise you.

Babo Labs has a few projects of their own up their sleeve which will allow everyone who uses our e-commerce platform to buy and sell more effective. We can't wait to share it with you when it's done!

- Michael E. Karpeles
Babo Labs

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